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About Slim Retreat

Lose weight using the 6 ‘R’s…

Restraint, Refrain, Reduce, Restore, Rejuvenate, Rejoice!

Few people have the willpower to slim down on their own so we all need help from time to time and that’s why people book into Slim Retreat.

It is not a sign of failure to elicit the help of professionals in your weight loss program but actually the first sign of success in reaching your goals for a healthier body and mind.

At Slim Retreat we want to work with you however big or small your aims.

We offer 3, 5 and 7-day weight loss and detox programs which are designed not only to aid weight loss but also to rejuvenate and nurture the body and mind, helping you to achieve and maintain your goals. It is not an easy option, with intensive exercise programs, but it works. The instructors are enthusiastic and encouraging and cater for everybody’s abilities. For the majority of sessions you forget you’re working out as the classes can actually be fun and you really feel like you’ve achieved something once it’s over.

Our programs include nutritional foods based around a locally sourced, natural, raw vegetarian diet, which includes green juices, salads and, during winter time, we provide broths. Our team of experts will work with you on the 6 ‘R’s to ensure you get the best out of your time here with the best results.

Daily programs are intense, starting at 7.30am and they include a variety of activities, from Walks, Pilates, Yoga, Fitness & Exercise Classes and Kick Boxing Fitness Classes.  Interactive evenings are based around nutritional education on foods and personal analysis of lifestyles and how to get the best from your life.

We are not a spa, but can offer a range of treatments, inhouse, which would be provided by a  local beautician.  We do offer a complimentary massage for those on a 7 day Retreat with us.

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