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Slim Retreat, West Cork, Ireland.

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Where is West Cork?


Opinion is divided as to exactly “where” West Cork is. Some folks say it’s more a state of mind than a geographical location – some others say it’s a republic. For the sake of this website, let’s say it stretches from the Atlantic in the west to about Bandon in the East…  though we’re open to discussion about that. West Cork has a flavour all of its own, with amazing scenery, weather that changes so fast you’ll never be bored with it.

The Lonely Planet Guide recently declared that “everything you could want from Ireland could be found in Cork. West Cork is the most unspoilt and enchanting part of that county”.

Bantry sits nestled between the Sheep’s Head and Beara Peninsulas. Bantry Bay is one of the deepest natural harbours in the world and a view of the bay from either of the two peninsulas gives you a serene sense of peace and tranquility. A French Armada landed here over 300 years ago in a significant period of Ireland’s past and forms part of Bantry’s history and culture today.


Approximate Travel Times and Distances to Slim Retreat
Place Distance Travel Time (by car)
Cork City 85km | 52 miles 1 hour 20 mins
Cork Airport 82km | 51 miles 1 hour 18 mins
Cork Ferry Port 101km | 63 miles 1 hour 30 mins
Kerry Airport 99km | 62 miles 1 hour 38 mins
Shannon Airport 190km | 118 miles 2 hours 50 mins
Rosslare Ferry Port 280km | 174 miles 3 hours 50 mins
Dublin Airport/Ferry Port 350km | 217 miles 4 hours 50 mins