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Our Experts

At Slim Retreat we pride ourselves on having access to some of the best local experts in their chosen field. Experienced professionals, whose ethos is, dedication and care in helping you to achieve your goals and providing you with an education in your body and your ongoing health that will be with you always.

From our Personal Trainers and Yoga/Pilates Teachers to our Nutritionists, all of our team are experts in their field with the necessary skills to ensure that you get the best out of your time with us. They will take you on a journey during your time at Slim Retreat that will inspire and elate you. Focusing on the 6 ‘R’s, they will work with you to facilitate weight loss, rejuvenate and tone your body.

From our daily classes and motivation talks, to the guided walks to energise and instruct on walking tall! You will have the opportunity to work with these experts to gain experience in how to achieve your goals and look after your body whilst enjoying some of the most idyllic settings in West Cork.

Any prospective guests with doubts about their physical condition/suitability are asked to consult their doctor, show them this information and, where necessary, obtain consent.

Jessica Eynaud

Jessie-EynaudPersonal Trainer
My philosophy focuses on introducing lifelong positive behaviours in the area of fitness and nutrition. I always try to work towards enhancing the quality of life of my clients through exercise and healthy eating behaviours. These behaviours cannot be learned overnight and require time and patience and to be a successful trainer in this industry I think you need to understand this. I like to give my clients the tools they need to be able to reach their personal goals such as knowledge, confidence, support and new skills. I have a background in sport and exercise science and now through my own personal journey of becoming a mother I am qualified to work with pre and post natal women to provide support and guidance in preparation for labour as well as post natal care.

Jackie Doherty

Jackie-DohertyPersonal Trainer
My philosophy as a trainer is to do the basics right first, in training and nutrition. I like to educate my clients in how to move well and control their body before getting stronger I like to teach the basics of nutrition in order to have a sustainable healthy diet, bring the two together and results will follow. The end goal is for each person to feel confident in their knowledge to continue their healthy lifestyle with minimal input from a trainer. I understand that life sometimes gets in the way of training and work with my clients to best suit their needs.
I have always been interested in health and fitness, from starting sport at the age of 4 to becoming a personal trainer over 3 years ago. My main emphasis is on strength training; I currently coach the powerlifting team at RPM Fitness and also compete in powerlifting myself.

Liz Gale

Liz-GaleNutritional Therapist
I am a qualified nutritional therapist specialising in digestive health, autoimmune disorders, diabetes and anti-ageing. I hold a 3-year Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine (Dublin) and am an active committee member of the Nutritional Therapists of Ireland (NTOI). My nutritional therapy practice is evidence-based and I use only scientifically researched dietary treatments and therapies to help my clients reach optimal health.

My own personal experience of poor health sparked my interest in nutrition and I began to notice how food and lifestyle positively affected my body. This led me to begin research into the area and I completed my qualification as a nutritional therapist in 2009.

I am completely passionate about nutrition and the many health benefits it can convey. Without seeming to sound dramatic, I believe that nutritional therapy saved my life. Starting from my early 40’s I was plagued with one serious illness after another: Type 1 diabetes, digestive disorders, breast cancer, underactive thyroid, autoimmune arthritis, and bouts of psoriasis – most of them autoimmune conditions. If I hadn’t become aware of how different foods can positively or negatively impact overall health, I think I would have continued on the road to very ill health. I now manage my health conditions with good, unprocessed, delicious and sustainable whole foods along with healthy lifestyle choices. I feel and look, so I’m told, a lot younger than my years and am full of energy and vitality! I’m passionate about helping others look and feel healthier and younger than their years too.

Bernard Brady

Bernard-BradyKickboxing, Nutrition & Fitness Training
Bernard is an Irish National Kickboxing Champion and 1st degree black belt: he represented Ireland in the 2014 European Kickboxing Championships–winning a silver medal for Ireland. Bernard is originally from Dublin and now lives in Bantry, Co. Cork. He has been kickboxing for nearly twenty years and trained under chief instructor Vinny Murphy of Combat Kickboxing, Kildare.

Bernard is teaching kickboxing at all levels, including junior, teen and adult classes from beginner training to advance kickboxing. He is Gardai-vetted via the Irish Martial Arts Council (IMAC); is trained in current First Aid practices; holds a Level 1 Coaching Certification from IMAC and a certification from Kickboxing Ireland on the ‘Code of Ethics for the Protection of Children in Sports’ as regulated by the Sports Council of Ireland. Bernard also holds a certificate in sports nutrition.

Stephanie Horton

Stephanie-HortonHatha and Restorative Yoga Instructor
Inspired to practise yoga by my yoga-teaching mother during my childhood, I chose to practise more deeply and train formally as a Hatha Yoga practitioner at the highly respected Semperviva Yoga School, Vancouver, run by the gifted international teacher, Gloria Latham.

Since 1990 I have practised as a traditionally trained acupuncturist and therapeutic massage practitioner. In 2008 I deepened my yoga practice and decided to add to my skills by training to become a private yoga instructor. In 2012 I completed Pre-natal Yoga training with the well-known Kundalini teacher, Gurmukh. In 2014 I studied Restorative Yoga with Tianne Allan at Semperviva and completed an advanced training in Restorative Yoga at CamYoga, Cambridge, UK in 2015. I am currently part of a Kundalini Yoga online course with Gloria Latham, continuing to develop my practice.

In the classes specifically designed for Slim Retreat, my objective is to empower each person to find a deep sense of ease within themselves, by teaching them the essence of yoga breathing, simple movements and asanas (yoga positions) that can bring increased strength and flexibility within their bodies and minds. The yoga classes aim to complement other forms of exercise and the eating programme that are at the heart of of the Slim Retreat programme. I wish to give clients tools that bring self-acceptance and ease within their bodies, to help you reach realistic and achievable goals.

Keeley HarringtonKeeley-Harrington

Yoga Instructor

Keeley has been involved in the health and fitness industry for nearly 10 years now, working both within Ireland and the Middle East. I currently work with a wide variety of clients; from those looking to lose weight and tone up, chiropractic and physiotherapy referrals to rehabilitate chronic injuries, right through to strength and conditioning work with a variety of athletes and teams.

Keeley has been practising yoga for over 10 years, and teaches Kundalini Yoga in the Glengarriff and Bantry area.  Having completed her training with the Jivan Mukta School of Kundalini Yoga in Cork, under the loving and supportive gaze of Jai Katar Kaur and Guru Sahai.  Benefits of Kundalini Yoga include strengthening your body, increased flexibility, development of self-awareness, improved metabolism, weight loss,


Keeley is also a qualified Holistic massage therapist and offers this service to our clients.


Fiona Ashley

Yoga Instructor
Fiona-AshleyFiona has been practising yoga for over 30 years, and teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga throughout the West Cork region. She has studied with many great teachers in the Hatha, Iyengar, Ashtanga and Vinyasa traditions, finally gaining her RYT Yoga teaching qualifications with Carol Murphy of Green Lotus Yoga. Her teaching style is encouraging, precise and playful, with a strong focus on building core strength, stability, and centredness, and helping her students to fully realise their true potential, on all levels.

Fiona is also one of only 2 certified Acroyoga teachers in Ireland. She discovered Acroyoga in 2010 and immediately fell in love with the blend of yoga, partner acrobatics and Thai massage, and the strong connections this practice offered. She now teaches Acroyoga in Cork and West Cork, and leads workshops throughout the country. She is particularly fond of being upside down! www.yogafitwestcork.com

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