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One-to-One Retreats

Some people prefer to have a ‘Personal Retreat’ in either our Serenity Suite or Tranquility Garden Room, with their own personal daily programs provided on a one-to-one basis. We provide this service tailored to your requirements and personal goals – you can choose to have your meals alone, or join other guests in the main house at mealtimes and for the evening curriculum.

We can provide this service with the utmost privacy and confidentiality if required. Whether you choose the 3, 5 or 7 Day Retreat your own personal program will be complied to ensure you achieve the best results during your stay.

You will also receive the complimentary massages and trips that are applicable to the retreat you have booked.

All of our programs are based on you actively partaking in the full program to achieve the best results.

Any prospective guests with doubts about their physical condition/suitability are asked to consult their doctor, show him or her the relevant information about the retreat you may be looking to book, and where necessary obtain consent.


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We use a third party booking agency who provide a secure booking procedure. Your details are not stored on our own website.
Please read our Terms & Conditions before booking.


We also offer exclusive 5 or 7 day private programs on a one-to-one basis using our exclusive Serenity Suite with the utmost confidentiality guaranteed.

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